2015 Season Preview: New York Yankees

Here we are again; April 3rd. Just days away from Opening Day of the MLB season, and like usual, The New York Yankees are gearing up for another season full of hope and dreams. The team is fully reloaded from last season, but they are now missing a key element of the past 19 seasons – Derek Jeter. This is the first time in 19 seasons that they’ve started a season without Mr. Jeter running the squad from his familiar spot at shortstop. Yankees fans, you really don’t know how good you had it. You had a span where you won 5 World Series rings in a span of 19 years. That’s more than some teams have in their whole history. Still, you took it for granted. Then, it ended just like that. Derek Jeter broke his ankle on a ground ball in 2012, and the dynasty was over.

This season will surely be a trying one for the Yanks, just like last season, and the season before that. Masahiro Tanaka is pitching with a damaged elbow, CC Sabathia is hoping his weight GAIN is going to help him, Alex Rodriguez is still making headlines, and not the good kind, and Stephen Drew is most likely going to bat under .230. Things are not looking up for the Bronx Bombers at the moment, but there is still hope. The team could succeed with their bullpen carrying them through close games and their top-of-the-order hitters actually contributing. My prediction?

I believe that the Yankees will miss the playoffs, again, with a record of 85-77. I hope, however, that I am wrong. In order for them to make the playoffs, they would probably need Beltran, McCann, and Tex to hit 20+ HR each. They’d need Betances to show that he’s a top-level closer, and they’d need Tanaka to put up Cy Young Caliber numbers. Of course, they’d need Didi Gregorious to play stellar defense and get around a .280 average with some good HR and RBI counts. If there ever was a team that needed a playoff berth to brighten things up around the clubhouse, the Yankees are the #1 candidate. Here’s to another season of hopes and dreams, and maybe those dreams come true.

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