LeBron James on the Heat: ‘They’re contenders this year’

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During his tenure in Miami, Cavaliers small forward LeBron James made the Heat contenders for the NBA Title every year, as they made it all four of James’ years in Miami. Without James to lead them this year, the Heat fell to the lottery, but are building a team back-up that can be much stronger in terms of depth – something it wasn’t last year.

Many people around the NBA are starting to recognize the team that the Heat are building, and that even includes LeBron himself. In an interview with Bleacher Report Radio that was first supported by The Sun Sentinel, as James discussed some of the Heat’s off-season so far during the interview.

“They’re going to  be a contender,” James said during the interview.

“I think Miami is doing some great things,” said LeBron James. “They’ve added some big pieces. They signed Amar’e [Stoudamire], I saw that…and the re-signing of [Goran] Dragic and C-B [Chris Bosh] coming back, one of my good friends, he’s coming back off of injury, and by getting D-Wade [Dwyane Wade] back, they’re going to be a contender.”

He’s exactly right. The Heat are improving, and they retained their starting five from mid-season as well last year. Many have also called the Heat the biggest threat to the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference. Wouldn’t a Cavaliers-Heat Eastern Conference Finals get the NBA some good ratings or what?

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