Dez Bryant on New Contract: ‘The only thing that’s missing is a Super Bowl’

USA Today Sports

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant recently became $70 million dollars richer with $45 million of his five-year deal with the team guaranteed money. That made Dez Bryant one happy man when he signed the new deal Wednesday at Cowboys headquarters.

“I smiled the whole way over here — I couldn’t even say nothing but just smile and laugh, because I couldn’t believe it,” Bryant said, per the Cowboys’ official website. “All I could just think about is that it’s a dream — a dream come true. I think the only thing that’s missing is a Super Bowl.”

It was a great move for the Cowboys and Bryant to get the contract drama out of the way. They surprised many this year, and with Tony Romo having him to throw to for the next five years or so, it’s supposed to be all fun in Dallas minus the loss of DeMarco Murray.

“Now that we’ve got the deal done, I can only imagine what’s fixing to go down this season,” Bryant said, also per the Cowboys’ website. “We’re Super Bowl ready.”

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