Mike Moustakas Hits Two Home Runs, Drives in 9 Runs vs. Orioles

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Kansas City Royals third basemen Mike Moustakas had a game to remember in the Royals 14-6 win over the Baltimore Orioles. He was the main factor in the win, as he drove in nine runs, and hit two home runs. Those nine runs batted in tied a franchise record, and even his manager, Ned Yost was surprised by it.

“He had nine RBI?” Yost said. “Wow.”

“That’s a good month,” Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer added in addition to Yost.

Royals hitting coach Dale Swuem told Moustakas to shorten up his swing and see what happens. I think Moustakas is saying it worked.

“It feels pretty good,” Moustakas said, per the Kansas City Star. “It feels really good, actually. I went out there trying to what I can to help us win. Guys got on base today. Gave me opportunities to drive in some runs. And I was able to capitalize on that.”

Moustakas is now batting .284 on the year with 18 home runs and 71 runs batted in.






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