Roger Goodell Open to Changing Role in Discipline of Players

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t always the best when it comes to dishing out suspensions. The Ray Rice scandal, Deflategate, and some fines question whether or not Goodell knows how to give a fair punishment.

According to CBS Sports’ Will Brinson, Goodell is open to changing his role when it comes to how players are disciplined for their actions.

Yes, I’m very open to changing my role in that. It’s become extremely time consuming. I think I have to be focused on a variety of other issues. And that’s what I’ve discussed with many owners over the last couple years. We believe a discipline officer or some type of a panel could make at least the initial decision and then a designee of mine on some type of appeal would be a better system.


The NFL’s collective bargaining agreement gives Goodell that type of power, and if he is opening to changing how the system works, it could work out better for the sake of the NFL.



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