Five NFL Head Coaches That Could be On the Hot Seat

USA Today Sports

Every year, coaches get fired, players get cut/trade, front offices changes are made and much much more.

Usually, the head coach position is something we look into more as opposed to the offensive or defensive coordinator. Some head coaches have had great years that we weren’t expecting, while others have had their job security questioned not even past their team’s bye week sometime.

Here are five NFL coaches that could be on the hot seat, and maybe even have a seat right by a volcano at this rate.

#5 Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs 

USA Today Sports

USA Today Sports

Andy Reid is one of the most-well known coaches in the NFL today and is a respected figure among the league’s personal. However, the Chiefs have been horrible so far, sitting at a 2-5 record on the year. They have already won as many games as they did with Jamaal Charles without him. There’s a chance Reid gets a pass due to the Charles injury, but as the way it’s shaping up, not right now.


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