Adrian Peterson Critical of Coaching Following Blowout Loss vs. Seahawks


Adrian Peterson was not happy with his coaches and the lack of touches he received in the Vikings 38-7 loss versus the Seahawks yesterday, saying that the Vikings were out coached “in so many different ways.”

Peterson carried the ball only eight times on Sunday, and when he was asked if he thought the amount was to small he said, “What do you think?”

“As one of the leaders on the team, seeing how the running game has been all season, you definitely want to be able to go out and establish the run and let things feed off of that,” he said. “To finish with eight carries, it’s tough. I feel like we’re able to sit back, evaluate some things again and get back to what we do.”

Peterson is currently leading the NFL with 1,182 yards on 245 carries this season, so he does have a point in his argument here, why not give him the ball?

“You don’t want to go in down 21 at halftime, but we should be able to bite down and come back in some type of way,” he said. “We just weren’t able to do it. We don’t have to look at it [on film]. We know what it was. We just made a mistake. We’ve just got to bounce back, pick it up. I can’t say what came to mind, but we have to bite down and just realize some things and come back ready to play Thursday.”

The Vikings are now 8-4 on the season, trailing the Green Bay Packers for 1st in the NFC North. They play the 10-2 Cardinals on Thursday.


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