Emmanuel Mudiay Wants to be More Aggressive

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Emmanuel Mudiay has had a solid rookie season for the Denver Nuggets that has been hampered by injuries, but that isn’t stopping the young guard from wanting to be aggressive.

From The Denver Post:

Nuggets rookie Emmanuel Mudiay has a different look about him of late, a more confident, aggressive turn in his play that has shown up in each of his last two games.

“I felt like I was taking too many jumpers,” Mudiay said. “That’s not my game. I’ve got to get to the basket, get a couple of dunks, you feel good about yourself. And the lane just starts opening up.”

Mudiay is right here. He is shooting 25% overall on jumpers this year on 65-252 shooting. His field goal overall is 31%, and it is a 25% clip from three point land as well. One thing I tend to notice about young players is they need to work on finishing at the rim.

I applaud Mudiay for working on his finishing at the rim. It’s the first step in him building a consistent game. Mudiay was also right about him not being aggressive. He was taking way too many jumpers, while he hasn’t even shot 100 layups yet.

Mudiay is shooting 40-90 on layups this season, good for 44%. He has drown 35 shooting fouls this year while converting eight and-ones. Mudiay is averaging 10.7 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 5.7 assists per game this year.


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