Matt Holliday Wants to Finish Career With Cardinals

Matt Holliday has agreed to head to the Bronx (Associated Press)

Matt Holliday had an injury, then an injury, and then another injury last year. At least that’s what it felt like to some.

Holliday appeared in just 73 games for the Cardinals last season, batting .279/.394/.410 with 4 home runs and 35 runs batted in. He struggled majorly in the playoffs as well, batting .125/.176/.125. A lot of Holliday’s struggles can be traced back to multiple injuries in 2015.

He turned 36 over the off-season, and if last year is any indication, Holliday might not have a lot left in the tank. He has one guaranteed year left with the Cardinals this season, which will make him $17 million, and he is hoping to end his career with the Redbirds;

“I take a lot of pride in being a Cardinal and being part of the organization for seven years,” said Holliday, according to ESPN. “If I have a great year, it’s going to be a no-brainer.”

Let’s just say Holliday has an all-star year for the Cardinals. He would have the chance get a $75 thousand bonus for making the all-star team and starting, but the Cardinals will still decide his future with the team next off-season. Holliday’s contract for 2017 is a club option, meaning that the Cardinals can pay him $17 million again next year, or use $1 million to buy him out.

The $1 million buyout seems like the likely option right now, but with a relatively weak free agent class coming up, you never know.


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