3 Biggest Surprises of the NFL Season so Far

This has been a very exciting NFL Season so far, with many surprises. In my opinion, here are the 3 biggest surprises so far this season:

  1. The Cowboys making the playoffs.

Barely anyone expected the Cowboys to be good this year (including myself). They allowed the most yards per game last year. I thought their defense would be even worse this year because they lost arguably their 3 best defensive players in the offseason: Demarcus Ware (released) Jason Hatcher (Signed with the Redskins) Sean Lee (injured) There defense wasn’t their only concern. Their 34 year old QB Tony Romo was coming off of back surgery. But thanks to DeMarco Murray and an improved defense, they were able to win the NFC East.

  1. How awful the NFC South has been.

Before the season began, I thought the NFC South was arguably the best division in all of football. You have the Saints and Panthers (who both made the playoffs last year) The falcons (who made the NFC Title game a few years ago.) And the Buccaneers (who I thought had a very good offseason) I thought the Saints would be superbowl contenders this year, with one of the best QBS in the NFL (Drew Brees) the addition of speedy rookie WR Brandon Cooks and 3 time pro bowler Jairus Byrd. But a lot went wrong for the Saints, they were awful at home this year and they had some key injuries.

  1. The emergence of Justin Forsett.

Before the Season began, I didn’t even know who Justin Forsett was. He is currently in his 7th season and he was drafted in the 7th round of the 2008 draft. But when Ray Rice left the team, it was his time to shine. Justin Forsett previous career high for rushing yards in a season was 619 yards. But this year, he is currently 6th in the entire NFL in total rushing yards with 1,147 yards.

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