3 Things we Learned From Cavaliers-Warriors Game 2

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors 95-93 in game two of the 2015 NBA Finals to win their first Finals game in franchise history. LeBron James had a triple double, the 13th of his playoff career with 39 points, 16 rebounds, and 11 assists. We learned a lot from game two, but here are three major things we did learn.

#1 LeBron James will not be stopped 

Getty Images
Getty Images

LeBron James is a total beast, in-case you didn’t already know. Sure, Andre Iguodala might’ve made LeBron struggle in game one, but LeBron’s stat sheet doesn’t lie. He is doing whatever it takes to win the title for the Cavaliers, even if it means taking 30 shots or more per game.

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