Adam Lind Off to Red Hot Start For Brewers

You’ve heard all about Los Angeles Dodgers first basemen Adrian Gonzalez and his hot start to the 2015 season, but one thing that hasn’t received enough attention is what new Brewers first basemen Adam Lind is currently doing in his first year with the Brewers after being traded from the Blue Jays in early November.

The Brewers have struggled to find a guy to play first base for what seems like an eternity. Prince Fielder was the face of the Brewers franchise along with Ryan Braun. The two formed one of baseball’s best duos from 2007 to 2011. When Fielder left Milwaukee for the Tigers in the 2011 off-season, the Brewers thought they could rebound nicely, but it was a nightmare.

Mat Gamel had been a top prospect in the Brewers system for years. Originally listed as a third basemen, Gamel was brought up from the minor leagues to take Fielder’s spot on the team. Gamel finally was able to get his chance, but that didn’t happen at all. In mid-may in 2012, Gamel hurt his knee chasing a foul ball in the Brewers game versus the Padres. Gamel was later then diagnosed with a torn ACL, ending his 2012 season. It was also a tough ban of luck for the Brewers, who also lost Alex Gonzalez to a torn ACL in the same week as well.

2013 rolls on for the Brewers, and not only was it a living nightmare for Gamel again, it was also a nightmare for the entire Brewers. Not only did star outfielder Ryan Braun get suspended for performance enhancing drugs in July, but before the season started Mat Gamel again tore his ACL in March, the same ACL he tore in 2012. The Brewers cut him following the injury, and he experienced even more knee related injuries. The Brewers went through so many first basemen that season, you would’ve lost count as Yuinesky Betancourt, Alex Gonzalez, Juan Francisco, Sean Halton, and Blake Lallil were the most notable players to play first base that season.

On November 2nd, 2014, the Brewers tried something new when it came to looking for the first basemen. They were rumored to be interested in trades for Ike Davis, Allen Craig, and Garrett Jones to fill the void at 1st base throughout 2013, 2014, and 2015, but weren’t able to get any deals done. The Brewers finally were able to pull off a deal as they sent starting pitcher Marco Estrada to the Toronto Blue Jays in-exchange for Adam Lind, a first basemen with prior success in his Major League Baseball career.

Lind’s best season in the majors game in 2009, where the 1st basemen hit 35 home runs and drove in 114 runs with a .305 batting average. All of those numbers for Lind remain a season high for him per 100 plus games. Lind has dealt with some injuries later in his career, but the Brewers and the fans are starting to feel really good about Adam Lind.

In the Brewers four games so far this season, Lind has been the teams hottest hitter, as the 1st basemen is currently hitting .615 with 1 home run and 6 runs driven in. The Brewers were going to use star catcher Jonathan Lucory to start at first versus left handed pitching due to Lind’s struggles versus lefties, but the Brewers gave Lind the start despite a left handed pitcher being on the mound. Lind also had 3 doubles thus far in his Brewer career.

Lind still remains the only Brewer to hit a home run so far this season. While it’s to early and Lind will likely go through some cold spots throughout the season, it’s refreshing for the Brewers and their fans to finally see someone doing great at the first base position, which has haunted them since the Prince left town in 2011.

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