The 2014-2015 NBA All-Star Weekend events have ended! We have seen everything! From Penny Hardaway drilling a half-court shot in his first try, Patrick Beverley’s comeback in the skills challenge, Stephen Curry and others catching fire from 3, and Zach LaVine and Victor Oladipo coming up big in the dunk contest. Let’s get into the winners and recap of all the events now!

Degree Shooting Stars 

Winner: Team Bosh

Chris Bosh along with Dominique Wilkins and Swim Cash 3-peated in the Degree Shooting Stars competition. They included a few challenges from Team Curry and Team Millsap, but it came down to Team Westbrook and Team Bosh in the championship round. Team Westbrook couldn’t hit the half court shot in the time given which was 90 seconds, giving Team Bosh the easy win as they were able to relax in the final round where they hit all the shots in 57.6 seconds.

Taco Bell Skills Challenge 

Winner: Patrick Beverley

After squeaking out a win versus Isiah Thomas, Patrick Beverley went off versus Jeff Teague. Teague was able to take a big lead against Beverley, but when Teague struggled to hit the jumper, Beverley made his comeback and won the second round versus Teague to advance to the championship versus Brandon Knight. Beverley again struggled against Knight, but was able to come out on top victorious.

3-Point Shootout 

Winner: Stephen Curry

Just as most of us would have thought, one of, if not the best 3-point shooters in the NBA won the 3-point contest this year. Wesley Matthews kicked things hot into gear, but then was followed by great performances from Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, and Klay Thompson, as others like J.J. Redick, Marco Belinelli, James Harden, and Kyle Korver.

Sprite Slam Dunk Contest 

The hype was down for this contest, but Zach LaVine sure might have changed people’s minds about it now. LaVine pulled out some of the best dunks that we have seen in quite some time in the dunk contest. We can’t forget about Victor Olapio, Mason Plumlee, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, but, Zach LaVine just stole the show and we all were amazed.

Be sure to catch the NBA’s All-Star game tomorrow for even more highlights!

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  1. Scott D. Mikulski Avatar

    The NBA definitely has the best All-Star weekend of any sport. The events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are entertaining and get the crowd involved. What other all-star events are attended by so many people including a smorgasbord of celebrities? Other than a Super Bowl, the NBA All-Star weekend is the sporting event I would most like to attend.

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