American League GM: Daniel Murphy Worth $75 Million Dollars and Counting

Daniel Murphy has been the closest thing to Mr. October Reggie Jackson that we have seen in quite some time. The Mets second baseman has been on a home run binge, hitting a home run in every NLCS game helping the Mets reach the World Series.

No one in baseball expected Murphy to go on a tear like this. In fact, Murphy himself is even surprised by his home run tear. With Murphy set to be a free agent at season’s end, many are expecting him to get a big payday from teams based on his postseason success.

An anonymous general manager told Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe that he’s expecting Murphy to get a big day. At least $75 million, too.

“Obviously, he’s not going to be as hot as he’s been in the postseason, but he plays positions where his power plays well. There are teams like the Dodgers and Yankees who need a second baseman. Others, like the Angels, need a third baseman, where he also plays. He’s going to be sought-after and get a five-year deal at around $75 million. Maybe more.”

The GM makes a very good point here. We all know he won’t keep the success up, but he’s versatile, and he provides solid hitting from the second base position, driving in 73 runs, another best among MLB second baseman in the regular season.

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