Andrew Harrison Won’t Receive Discipline For Slur

Kentucky Wildcats guard Andrew Harrison had three words to say when he was asked about Wisconsin star Frank Kaminsky, and let’s just say they weren’t very positive. Since the video of the three words came out, Harrison has been ripped by various media members and fans of the college basketball world. However, Harrison won’t face any punishment what so ever for the slur.

Harrison also did call Frank Kaminsky and apologized to him for the slur, which was most likely also another reason he won’t face punishment. Kaminsky had this to say on Harrison’s slur and the apology.

“I could tell he was sincere about it,” Kaminsky said. “He seems like a nice kid.”

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan also spoke on Harrison’s slur.

“In this day and age,” Bo Ryan said, “it always reminds all of us that whatever we say can and will be heard, it seems. The teaming moment is the individual himself learned from it obviously by reaching out to Frank, so we’ll leave it at that.”

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