AP Pre-Season College Basketball Top 25 Poll Released

If you are not familiar with how College Basketball rankings go, the AP Poll helps decided who are the top 25 teams in the country every year and every week in college ball. This years rankings are pretty straight forward as to what we expect with the top 5 teams expected to be in contention for a national title this season and the rest of the list always has a chance to. Here are the top 25 teams in college basketball right now:

1: Kentucky

2: Arizona

3: Wisconsin

4: Duke

5: Kansas

6: North Carolina

7: Florida

8: Louisville

9: Virginia

10: Texas

11: Wichita State

12: Villanova

13: Gonzaga

14: Iowa State

15: VCU

16: San Diego State

17: Connecticut

18: Michigan State

19: Oklahoma

20: Ohio State

21: Nebraska

22: SMU

23: Syracuse

24: Michigan

25:  Harvard

25: Utah


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