Barry Bonds Can’t Wait Till Alex Rodriguez Hits his 660th Career Home Run

Outfielder Barry Bonds, who is famous for being baseball’s home run king, was also a know taker of performance enhancing drugs that were banned by Major League Baseball throughout his career. Bonds’ 762 home runs edged Hank Aaron’s 755 back in 2007, is rooting for current New York Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez, who is also a known steroids taker, to hit his 660th career home run to tie Willie Mayes for 4th on MLB’s all-time home run list, which would move A-Rod 102 home runs away from Bonds’ record of 762.

“My godfather means the world to me. I love him to a T,” Bonds told USA TODAY Sports,”but when Alex hits No. 660, I’ll be happy for him. Willie will be happy for him. Everybody should be happy for him.

“Any time anybody in the game does something that’s a great accomplishment, the game of baseball should celebrate that.

“No matter what. Baseball is benefiting from that person’s hard work, so baseball should at least celebrate.”

Alex Rodriguez is currently 39-years-old, and his contract isn’t up until 2017, meaning he will more then likely give Bonds’ home run record a test. The question still remains if he can still put up good enough numbers to remain in baseball.

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