Basketball Over Everything’s Power Rankings: Week One

Every Friday, Basketball Over Everything will have their weekly power rankings in from the latest week in the NBA. We have seen the Knicks pull a huge upset in LeBron’s homecoming, 3 undefeated teams, and 2 win less teams so far this season. What is else in store? Well, for now, let’s start ranking them.

30: Philadelphia 76ers 0-5

As expected, the 76ers will be one of the leagues worst this season.

29: Los Angeles Lakers 0-5

It can’t get that much worse in LA can it? Check out the Lakers next 5 opponents. Charles Barkley may die.

28: Orlando Magic 1-4

Played some teams tough, just aren’t able to finish games off. Nice young core for the Magic will shine this season however.

27: Detroit Pistons 1-3

It still looks like a mess in Detroit. Get ready for another rough, long season, Pistons fans.

26: Indiana Pacers 1-4

Roy Hibbert is the only good thing about the Pacers right now. The Thunder and Pacers are two great teams who are dropped down because of injuries and hopefully the Pacers will get a nice draft pick after this injury riddled season.

25: Oklahoma City Thunder 1-4

Russell Westbrook hurt, Kevin Durant, and the Thunder down to 5 players at one point this season? It can only get better for OKC from this point.

24: Boston Celtics 1-3

When your team makes 1 3 pointer out of 25 you’re not really great. That’s why Celtics fans should just be hopping for the highest possible pick in the 2015 lottery.

23: Milwaukee Bucks 2-3

If the season ended today, the Bucks would make the playoffs as the 8th seed. Jabari Parker is averaging the most points among rookies this season so far. The Greek Freak will continue to develop and with him and Jabari just 19 it’s scary to think they are only getting better.

22: Utah Jazz 2-3

Gordon Hayward is insane and when you beat one of the NBA’s best in the Cavaliers, of course you will get some love in the power rankings. Let’s not forget the rest of the Jazz core playing solid ball right now.

21: Minnesota Timberwolves 2-2

Andrew Wiggins is second in the NBA with points per game among rookies and Ricky Rubio is looking to improve a lot more this season. How about the way they battled the Bulls though? Pretty impressive to me.

20: Denver Nuggets 1-3

A bit of a shaky start for the Nuggets, but look for them to be contending for the last spot in the Western Conference and maybe the 7th depending on injuries and you know what.

19: Brooklyn Nets 2-2

Not how they wanted to start their season with a shocking loss to the Celtics, but the Nets have recovered. Brook Lopez will be the x-factor to their season if they want to go any where deep.

18: Charlotte Hornets 2-3

A huge 24 comeback by the Hornets got things flowing in their directions and with a good win over divisional rival Miami, the Hornets need to improve their play on the road and versus other teams out of their division

17: New Orleans Pelicans 2-2

What is left to say that hasn’t already been said about Anthony Davis? The man is a beast and with the way the Pelicans are able to get Jrue Hoilday, Eric Gordon, and Tyreke Evans involved, they could be a dark horse candidate for the last spot in the West.

16: New York Knicks 2-3

How about the Knicks spoiling LeBron’s homecoming with a huge upset win? All the Knicks need to do is work the ball better around in the triangle offense. Not enough sharing off the ball is causing problems.

15: Sacramento Kings 4-1

How about them Kings? They are off to one of the better starts we have seen from them as DeMarcus Cousins looks to be on a mission. Darren Collison is balling out, and Rudy Gay is a true beast and let’s not forget the young SG’s the Kings have. Will this run last? Not promising anything but I think it could.

14: Atlanta Hawks 1-2

I wish the Hawks received more credit then they get. It is tough to rank them when they have played such a small portion of games, but I think the Hawks will contend with the New York Knicks for the last spot in the East.

13: Portland Trail Blazers 3-2

Damian Lillard is someone who deserves to get paid when his rookie contract is up. LaMarcus Alridge is baling out (for my fantasy team to) and Wes Matthews is looking more and more improved. They are also in contention for a lower spot in the tough East in my opinion however.

12: Toronto Raptors 4-1

Rebounding was a problem in their recent game versus Miami and was a reason why that game got away from them. But, the Raptors are legit once again this season as the emergence of DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry has sparked them.

11: Phoenix Suns 3-2

The Suns are also proving they’re legit after their surprising year last season. Eric Bledsoe is playing at the level he was last year, and Isaiah Thomas has been a huge pickup this season as he is one of the better bench players in the NBA providing solid minutes. Oh, don’t forget about Gerald Green

10: Cleveland Cavaliers 1-3

I can insure you this isn’t a permanent not top 5 ranking for the Cavaliers. Once the chemistry is all their, the Cavaliers will turn into one of the better teams in the NBA. Remember the 1st year of the big 3 the Heat started 9-8, then went to the Finals and went onto to winning 2 championships later.

9: Dallas Mavericks 3-2

Tyson Chandler will be a huge part to this Mavericks team if they plan to make a big run in the playoffs. Chandler Parsons will also help figure that out. Dirk will continue to be an age less wonder and all Monta Ellis has to do is build off of last year.

8:Los Angeles Clippers 3-2

A couple of scares for the Clippers but they were able to overcome them and we already know what we will get out of the Clippers. Now their big test is the postseason before we can all start taking them as a huge threat.

7: Miami Heat 3-2

The Heat are still dangerous. It’s time to stop all the jokes about them because if they are able to be healthy throughout the season, it’ll pay off the most in the playoffs and Dwyane Wade will be able to silence his haters. Chris Bosh looks like Toronto Bosh to.

6: San Antonio Spurs 2-2

Same old Spurs this season. Coach Pop resting his key players in early games that don’t have huge stakes at them and they continue with their impressive offense and in their impressive bench, the Spurs will be in the NBA Finals all more then likely this season.

5: Chicago Bulls 4-1

Derrick Rose has missed 3 games so far for the Bulls this season already, but it seems as though it may not be the worst thing in the world to give him more rest. Pau Gasol is a upgrade over Carlos Boozer and with Jimmy Butler’s rapid improvement it seems as though the Bulls are more dangerous then ever before.

4: Washington Wizards 4-1

The ONLY reason I but the Wizards in front of the Bulls is because they are looking more impressive due to the fact their starting shooting guard Bradley Beal is hurt. John Wall is showing he has a lot to prove this season and Paul Pierce makes them such a deadly team. Look out.

3: Memphis Grizzlies 5-0

The Grizzlies don’t get enough credit for what they do. Where is the hype for Mike Conley? One of the most underrated players in this league and Tony Allen is such a good on ball defender and the front court duo of Zbo and Gasol is just pure deadly. Don’t sleep on those Grizzlies.

2: Golden State Warriors 4-0

Steve Kerr looks to be one of the top coaches in the NBA already. It’s crazy how much better the Warriors look then last season. Stephen Curry is well, Steph Curry. Klay Thompson makes the splash brothers deadlier. Harrison Barnes is ready to breakout and David Lee and Andrew Bogut are an underrated front court. It could be the Warrriors year to make a deep run.

1: Houston Rockets 6-0

James Harden and Dwight Howard look like the NBA’s best duo right now. Trevor Ariza is there to replace Chandler Parsons and has done a great job so far and once Terrance Jonas gets back for the Rockets they could be way better. How far will the Rockets be able to keep the great start up is the question, however.

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2 thoughts on “Basketball Over Everything’s Power Rankings: Week One

  1. Raptors at 12 and Wizards at 4……even though Raptors smashed them? I know this was made before Friday’s game, but I still wouldn’t have put Wizards over Raptors, let alone 8 whole spots over. True basketball fans know Raptors were at least 8th, and should be 6th after Friday’s game.

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