Best Fits for Philip Rivers

There is a lot of speculation that the Chargers want to move to L.A. and that Philip Rivers is ready to bolt from the Chargers. The primary rumblings involve Rivers being sent to the Titans for the second overall pick, giving the Chargers the chance to draft their QB of the future, Marcus Mariota. However, I feel there are a handful of other teams better served to acquire Rivers.

Buffalo Bills: The Bills have already significantly improved their offense this season by adding elite running back LeSean McCoy. Don’t forget they also added a very underrated threat in the passing game with the signing of TE Charles Clay. Pair those two offseason additions with Sammy Watkins and company, and you have yourself a high powered offense. That is, if there is someone who can get these guys the ball downfield. All signs point to that guy not being on the roster, as the team seems to have already given up on EJ Manuel as a starter and trading for veteran Matt Cassel. Cassel has really only has two solid seasons on his resume, and those came in 2008 and 2010. He hasn’t done much since, and seeing as he is 32 years old, it is unlikely he will improve much. If the Bills managed to pull Rivers from San Diego, they would be an instant threat in the AFC, as they nearly made the playoffs last year based soley on their ferocious defense.

New York Jets: Lets keep it in the AFC East for now. The Jets signed Eric Decker last season and traded for the very talented Brandon Marshall this offseason. Lets not forget about the extremely underrated bruiser Chris Ivory in the backfield, and you have a great nucleus for your offense. Tight End Jace Amaro will also look to improve on his rookie campaign with a big year in 2015. Also, with the reunion of Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie at ther cornerback spot along with Buster Skrine, the Jets look like they will field a top defensive unit this year under rookie Head Coach Todd Bowles. Similar to their AFC East counterparts, the Jets traded for a veteran Quarterback to compete with a young Quarterback whose career didn’t pan out like the organization hoped. Can Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick strike fear into opposing defenses with all the weapons in front of them? Probably not. However, Philip Rivers would immediately make the Jets a scary team in the AFC.

Chicago Bears: Is anybody sold on Jay Cutler? Year after year we hear he is finally going to put it all together, and year after year, the Bears miss the playoffs. Jay Cutler isn’t the answer in Chicago, and I think the new regime headed by John Fox knows that. Most likely Jay Cutler will get yet another season to prove us wrong, but that is primarily due to his massive contract. If the Bears could somehow unload Cutler and his massive contract, and then acquire Philip Rivers, that would be quite the switch-a-roo. Whether they need to make one or two deals to do it, it should be done if possible. Alshon Jeffery, Matt Forte and Martellus Bennett are an insane trio that would thrive with Rivers delivering them the rock. While the Bears defense is still seemingly far off, it only needs to be middle of the pack for the Bears to make some serious noise if they were able to assemble a Rivers led offense.

Houston Texans: While the addition of Brian Hoyer has potential to pan out well, I think Rivers found himself leading the charge in Houston, they’d be a sure-fire wild card team, and possibly beat out the Colts for the division title. While the Texans lost their best player in franchise history in Andre Johnson (J.J. Watt is too young to compete for that title), the Texans still have a good unit offensively, featuring Arian Foster and DeAndre Hopkins. Rivers would push this team over the top and make them a serious contender. Have you seen their defense? J.J. Watt is an absolute animal, and with the addition of Vince Wilfork and Jadeveon Clowney coming back from an injury riddled season, their defense looks even scarier. Watch out if the Texans find their man at Quarterback.

Other Potential Fits: Arizona Cardinals: They wouldv’e made a strong run at the Super Bowl last year if they had even just an average QB last season.

Philadelphia Eagles: It’s Chip Kelly, anything could happen! Trade Sam Bradford for a top 15 pick, then package that pick with their 20th overall pick, and you have a great package to acquire Philip Rivers. They don’t necessarily need to trade both their first rounders, but however they do it, they would gain their man at QB if they got Rivers.

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