Best Fits for Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel

Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel are the two most talked about quarterbacks right now, in terms of their future.

Griffin III, didn’t appear in a game for the Redskins at all this year as the team’s 3rd string quarterback, and with the Redskins set to owe him $16 million in 2016, it’s basically lock that the Redskins cut him.

As for Manziel, he appeared in 9 games for the Browns in 2015, throwing 7 touchdowns with 1,500 yards and a quarterback rating of 79.4. Manziel had a completion percentage of over 55%.

While those numbers aren’t the worst, it’s not up to par with what the Browns would’ve liked, and they especially didn’t like his off the field antics. You can tell with the countless number of reports regarding his future in Cleveland, which basically all the same state that the Browns are sick of Manziel.

So, let’s talk about Griffin III and Manziel’s future.  Manziel is still 23 years of age, and Griffin III will be 26 in February. Let’s start with taking a look at the team’s that could work for both of them:

1: Houston Texans

Brian Hoyer was the clear option for the Houston Texans over Ryan Mallet after went down in Houston, but Hoyer did not show that in the Playoffs as we all know way to well. Both Griffin III and Manziel were born in Texas, so a possible homecoming could work well for both of them.

2: Dallas Cowboys

Again, we are looking at a possible homecoming situation for both Griffin III and Manizel right here. The difference here is that with the Cowboys, Griffin III or Manziel would serve as the backup to Tony Romo, while they could start in Houston. Regardless, the backup role in Dallas could help Griffin III gain his confidence again, and it could hopefully make Manizel focus more.

3: San Francisco 49ers:

Despite the hiring of former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, the 49ers still are undecided of Collin Kaepernick’s future with the team. In an offense that thrives with mobile quarterbacks, both Griffin III and Manziel could succeed, all though at this point for RG3 I would like to see him transition into a pocket passer.

Best fits for just Robert Griffin III:


1: Tennessee Titans 

While the Titans still remain head coach less, Griffin III could serve as a good backup to Marcus Mariota, who had knee injuries during 2015.

2:  Los Angeles Rams (St. Louis Rams)

The Los Angeles Rams are back, and it may be best for Griffin III to be back in a big way in a big market. The only thing that might not be the best for him is that the spotlight might be to frustrating to deal with in a time that he wants to get his confidence back.

3: Carolina Panthers

Now as you read this, you may be saying, what? Why would the Panthers need Robert Griffin III, especially when they have the likely 2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton? Well, to me Griffin III might be suited for a role on the best team in the NFL in terms of record, and Cam and Robert both have similar play styles. That means if Newton gets hurt, (which we hope doesn’t happen), Griffin III could run the offense the same way as Newton, but not as dynamic, of course.

Best fits for just Johnny Manziel

USA Today Sports
USA Today Sports

1: Pittsburgh Steelers

2015 was not a good year to be a quarterback on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger was banged up, and still is, Michael Vick managed to get hurt, and even the 3rd-stringer Landry Jones had to deal with some injuries. Manziel could easily replace Jones on the Steelers roster, and I doubt that Vick will be a Steeler next year.

2: Baltimore Ravens

Just like the Steelers, another AFC North team had to deal with key injuries, and at quarterback especially. Joe Flacco tore his ACL, and Matt Schaub was hurt, leading the Ravens quarterbacking duties to be turned over to Jimmy Clausen and Ryan Mallett. Manziel, to me is better than both of those guys, so he could find himself in a second-string role in B-More.

3: Indianapolis Colts

Josh Freman. Ryan Lindley. These two quarterbacks appeared in the Colts final game in 2015, due to injuries to Andrew Luck and his 40-year-old backup Matt Hasselbeck. Manziel would be a vital backup for the Colts, especially considering we don’t know how healthy Andrew Luck will be after an injury-ridded season.

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