D’Angelo Russell is an explosive combo guard out of Ohio State, who can play both the point and shooting guard positions. Already at the age of 19, Russell has shown the ability to be mature, and not get frustrated when his shoots aren’t going, or he makes a turnover, which is a strong mentality to have at such a young age. At six foot five inches, Russell’s six foot nine wingspan gives him the ability to disrupt shots in the lanes giving him an advantage defensive wise. His shot is silky smooth too, which is always a plus.

Somethings Russell struggle with include something that I have noticed watching him play. The major one I think is he struggles to finish at the rim. Most NBA superstars use their advantage to drive to the rim and finish or get the foul call as a huge part of their game, and if you want to be successful if you’re having a struggling night from the field, you can always look to drive.

Finishing in transition is also the major struggle, which again is a major part of the NBA game when you need to get a quick basket. Pulling up for a three ball or jumper won’t always work. Russell also needs to improve his game defensive wise, as he already has the length advantage on his match-up, but going on-ball and defending against what the player can do could be a struggle.

Boom or Bust: Boom

Russell has just way to much talent to say he is going to be a bust. He can almost do it well as explosive players are always able to get advantage. Russell’s length and size will make him a dangerous match-up for any player that has to match-up to him. If he learns to drive and use the layup game more, he will only be even more better.

NBA Player Comparison: Manu Ginobili/Brandon Roy 

Minus the injury part with injuries, Russell has the similar game to which Brandon Roy had in terms of explosiveness. Russell’s stroke reminds me so much of Manu as well, as they both can both get on fire and just never miss it seems like.

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