Breaking Down Anthony Davis’ Maximum Potential

What if I told you Anthony Davis is just 21 years of age? It’s crazy to think that a guy who is considered by some the best power forward in the game is just twenty-one years old. Davis averaged 20.8 points per game last year with 10 rebounds per game and was just a beast on the glass blocking shots like crazy. So the question rises, how high is Anthony Davis’ ceiling?


The fact that Davis has been mentioned as a defensive player of the year candidate and I have him down as a MVP is truly amazing for a player this age. Look at how many 21 year old’s in the league that are averaging 20 points per game. Davis is giving Pelicans fans reasons to smile as they should be happy with their future MVP.

Despite not winning the rookie of the year in his 12-13 season as it went to Damian Lillard, Davis had solid numbers which included 13.5 points per game. Watch out the rest of the NBA Anthony Davis is coming.

So how far can Anthony Davis be in the NBA?

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