On November 2nd, 2014, the Milwaukee Brewers traded for 1st baseman Adam Lind. The deal sent Lind to the Brewers in-exchange for Marco Estrada. The Brewers will again not have a full time first baseman with Lind, but that doesn’t mean he’s not the type of player that can’t put up numbers.

Lind is the player that could hit sixth or seventh in the Brewers batting order, batting ahead of Khris Davis or batting behind him. With Lind, it’s like having Mark Reynolds on the team again, only better. When you look at Lind’s stats last year with the Blue Jays, you would be calling me crazy for saying he can have a huge impact for the Brewers. All it was was injuries that derailed him last year, just like with Ryan Braun.

In 2009, Lind hit 35 home runs and drove in 114 runs. Since that career year, he has hit 20 plus home runs in two seasons, but has failed to drive in 100 runs again. I don’t expect Lind to hit 30 home runs and be Prince Fielder, the last Brewers 1st basemen to eclipse the 30 home run plateau, but I do expect a bounce back season in a change of scenery for Lind.

I know you may be sick of platoons, especially after some of the things that have happened to the Brewers at first base. Mat Gamel being injury prone, the Brewers using anyone on the roster to play 1st base in 2013, and that Mark Reynolds and Lyle Overbay Platoon wasn’t impressive last season. Lucroy and Lind was the best Doug Melvin could have done for this team.

Lind heard all about the Brewers living nightmare at the Brewers annual event, Brewers on Deck, where Brewers fans meet the new Brewers players and their favorites every January. Luckily, Lind hopes he can be the answer to the Brewers problem.

“I hope so,” Lind said. “That’s why they brought me here, right? For at least one solid year. I think that’s the plan for Doug [Melvin] and that’s the plan on my part.

Lind can be interchangeable in the Brewers lineup. Some days, I could see him hitting 4th, 5th, 6th, maybe even 7th. No matter where he hits in the lineup, there should be the thought in your mind that Lind can go up there and smash a home run.

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