Gerardo Parra is the perfect definition of a fourth outfielder. I think if you look up fourth outfielder in the dictionary, you’d get a picture of Gerardo Parra. Parra was brought in by the Brewers last season to be the fourth outfielder and come in on defense in the late innings for starting left fielder Khris Davis. Parra certainly did his job well.

Parra had a batting average of .268 with 3 home runs and 10 runs batted in for the Brewers in 46 games with the Brewers. If you remember correctly, Parra was traded to the Brewers on July 31st last season, as he was traded from the Arizona Diamondbacks on the MLB’s trading deadline. Parra coming to the Brewers was clearly a big part to the little success the Brewers had last Summer.

Parra bolsters the Brewers outfield defensively, which means the team has no reason to keep Logan Schafer on the roster anymore, as Schafer can only play defense and steal bases. The offense is a huge struggle for Schafer, and that’s why I think he won’t make the team. Parra also has the advantage on Schafer defensive wise too, as Parra has two gold gloves to prove himself defensively. The Brewers outfield is among the best in Major League Baseball, as the outfield features Khris Davis in left, Carlos Gomez in center, and Ryan Braun in right field. Having Parra off the bench as the fourth outfielder makes that outfield even more deadly.

Expect Parra to be used for defensive purposes late in games. Mostly for Khris Davis if it’s a close game. Parra will also maybe make slot spot starts when a guy like Ryan Braun needs an off day. Parra is the ultimate superhero for the Brewers outfield. Many teams don’t have a fourth guy that could start on most teams, and this is really something special you have to value.

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