Brewers Should Take a Chance on Former Top Prospect Domonic Brown

It wasn’t too long ago that Domonic Brown was the top prospect in the Philadelphia Phillies system.

Brown was untouchable when the Phillies went out hunting out for top talent to build towards postseason runs, and it was rightfully so that the Phillies wouldn’t deal him. It looked like Brown finally turned the corner in 2013, when he hit .272 with 27 home runs and 83 runs batted in, but he has hit just 15 blats since his career year.

Yesterday, the Phillies removed Brown from their 40-man roster, meaning that Brown will have the chance to accept an assignment to Triple-A or elect for free agency. If Brown does indeed elect for free agency, the Milwaukee Brewers should take a chance on Brown.

The Brewers are coming off a dismal 68-94 season, a year in-which the club started to rebuild by trading players like Carlos Gomez. The Brewers acquired pitching and outfielding in mainly every trade they made, so they are stockpiled on outfield prospects and of course pitching for a long time.

So why take a chance on an outfielder in Brown when you have likely more successful prospects waiting in the wing?

In rebuilding situations, teams usually try to acquire players and label them as a ‘project’ and try to revamp their Major League career. This is exactly what the Chicago Cubs did with Jake Arrieta, our pick to win the National League’s Cy Young award.

Brown will need some work and the Brewers are looking for a quick rebuild. Brown, however, could be the piece that can get the Brewers to the top if they work hard enough with him, and maybe they can expand him to other positions like 1st base if needed.

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