Browns Seeking 2nd-Round Pick in Possible Joe Thomas Trade

Here’s your yearly article that discusses a trade regarding Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Browns are seeking a second-round draft pick to trade Thomas, and Florio also notes possible trade candidates for the 31-year-old Thomas, who will turn 32 in December:

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a trade is possible this year. However, real obstacles exist to getting a deal done.

The Vikings, for example, would be very interested in Thomas. However, with a first-round pick and more already shipped to the Eagles for quarterback Sam Bradford and little cap space remaining, it’s a long shot that he’d go to Minnesota. The Cardinals, Giants, and Seahawks have varying degrees of interest in Thomas as well; the challenge would be coming up with what the Browns want (the source says it’s a second-round pick) and the cap space.

If a deal happens, it likely would come at the deadline, after the Browns pay Thomas another $488,000 for Week Eight. And if the Browns opt for a take-what-they-can-get fire sale for Thomas, the Patriots would be interested in providing the landing spot.

To recap, it seems as though the Vikings, Cardinals, Giants, Seahawks, and Patriots are all interested in a trade for Thomas prior to the November 1st NFL trade deadline, which is at 4 PM eastern standard time this year.

Florio also reports that’s is strongly possible the Browns elect to hold onto Thomas through the entire 2016 season and ponder the possibility of trading him before the 2017 NFL Draft. Cleveland trading Thomas seems like the inevitable at this point, and would be a hardly surprising transaction.

Thomas is under contract through the 2018 season, and have a cap hit of $10 million over the duration of his contract. He has made the Pro Bowl nine times in his career.

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