Bruce Levenson to Sell Atlanta Hawks After Racist E-Mail Released

Atlanta Hawks controlling owner Bruce Levenson has reported to the NBA that he sent a racist email in August 2012 and will now sell the team. Levenson reported this email to the NBA in July almost 2 years after he sent the email. Levenson spoke on the email:  “I wrote an e-mail two years ago that was inappropriate and offensive,” Levenson said in a Hawks news release Sunday morning. “I trivialized our fans by making clichéd assumptions about their interests (i.e., hip hop vs. country, white vs. black cheerleaders, etc.) and by stereotyping their perceptions of one another (i.e., that white fans might be afraid of our black fans). By focusing on race, I also sent the unintentional and hurtful message that our white fans are more valuable than our black fans.”

Levenson was strongly pushing for Sterling to be forced to sell his team a swell.

Credit to Fox Sports for the photo.

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