Bucks Humiliate Heat 109-85

Coming into this game, I knew it would be tough to pull this one without two of our starters in Norris Cole and Luol Deng, but to get killed like that is a total joke. After Giannis Antetokounmpo’s dunk over Chris Bosh the Heat just seemed dead after that after being in the game for almost an entire 3 quarters. My 2 things to take away from this lost:

1: Our rebounding was terrible AGAIN but it was the WORST in Miami Heat history

Coming into this game the Miami Heat record for the least amount of rebounds in a single game was 23. How many rebounds did the Heat grab tonight? 20. The WORSE stat wise rebounding performance in Miami Heat history. Another thing, Whiteside didn’t play so why did we even pick him up?

2: Defense needs work

The Bucks were another team taking advantage of the weak Miami Heat defense as the Heat allowed the Bucks to shoot over 50% and their was laziness everywhere in this game. I was at the game live and I can’t even count how many easy layups the Heat just gave the Bucks. Then we let a backup point guard who sometimes doesn’t even play torch us for a career high.

Bottom line is, the Heat need a new aggressive approach.

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