Remember that quarterback that played 13 games in 2013 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Yes, I am talking about Mike Glennon. Some have forgotten about Glennon, especially considering he only played 6 games in 2014, and now he is stuck being Jameis Winston, a rising star in the league. Glennon is still 26-years-old despite all this, and many have speculated whether or not the Buccaneers will move him.

According to Scott Reynolds of PewterReport, Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht recently told them that the Buccaneers won’t be parting ways with Glennon in the final year of his deal:

“I would hate to be in a position where your quarterback goes down for however many games it is and then you’re basically throwing the towel in, like a lot of teams did this year,” Licht said. “It wasn’t because they wanted to throw in the towel, that’s just the way it happened, without naming teams. Those were the same teams, a lot of them, that were inquiring about Mike Glennon at the time.”

“Mike Glennon is just so valuable to us right now while we have him, while he’s under contract, I feel like we have two starting quarterbacks with him and Jameis,” Licht said. “If you just go out and get a mid-round pick for him, the chances of the mid-round pick working out or drafting a quarterback and that pick working out, the odds aren’t in your favor. Unless there’s [an offer] that blows us away, I think you lean towards keeping him and having him on your roster.”

I get and I like Licht’s stance here. Several teams saw their quarterbacks go down this year, and another thing that popped up into my mind when reading these quotes was, it’s also smart to keep Glennon on the roster incase Winston struggles in his Sophomore year.

Now, I don’t think Winston will struggle at all next year. I think he is indeed a future superstar quarterback in this league, but having a guy like Glennon who can be a solid start is such a nice luxury to have.

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