Cam Newton is The Game Day Report’s 2015 NFL MVP

Touchdowns. Success. Dabbing. Fun. Cam Newton’s 2015 NFL season filled with great moments and a season that will at least result in making the NFC Championship Game. He will also be taking home our 2015 NFL MVP, for what it is worth.

Newton had 10 rushing touchdowns on the year, the most by a QB in the league this year, ranking second in the NFL with total touchdowns in 35. His quarterback rating of 99.4 is good for 8th best in the league as well.

In addition to his success, his team has seen more. The Panthers finished the 2015 with a 15-1 record, the best in the NFL. If Newton played for the Lions or the Titans, his 636 yards would lead the respective teams in rushing.

In 1992, Steve Young was the NFL’s MVP. He threw over 20 touchdown passes and rushed for 450 yards. Cam Newton has also done that, so the odds become ever more in Newton’s favor.

How many players have thrown 30 touchdowns and rushed for 10 touchdowns in NFL history besides Cam Newton? The answer is zero.

We’re only at 171 words on how to explain Cam Newton’s MVP case to you, but how much more detail do we need to go into? Tom Brady and Carson Palmer will finish second and third in our voting, for what it’s worth while Antonio Brown and Julio Jones will make the top ten.

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