Carmelo Anthony Throws Shade at Entire Knicks Roster

Carmelo Anthony made the decision to stay with his hometown this off-season signing a max contract with the Knicks for over 5 years. Melo has stated that he signed in New York due to the fact he couldn’t leave after he forced his way into New York. Melo also expects the Knicks to make the playoffs but Melo is often criticized for the decision to stay in New York because many people say that the best chance Melo to win would be with the Chicago. Melo spoke on the current roster for the Knicks:

“For this season, right now, we have what we have,” Anthony said when asked if he feels he has the help he is searching for. “We’re going to deal with that. That was a big discussion with me and Phil that was one of my things.”

The most underrated superstar in the league is out to prove his doubters wrong, but isn’t happy with the Knicks roster.

Credit to the original owner for the photo.

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