Celtics Planning on Keeping Rajon Rondo: May Target Marc Gasol

One of the biggest topics of the NBA off-season has been about Rajon Rondo and his future with the Boston Celtics. Celtics GM Danny Ainge has said that the Celtics plan on keeping Rajon Rondo and also the fact that he thinks Rondo is worth a make contract as does Rondo. So it should seem easy to get a deal done right? Ainge spoke on Rondo down below:

I think a lot of that is going to depend on how he plays, and a lot of that depends on whether they can get another max guy in here to play with Rondo. I think that’s really how it’s going to play out, the Celtics are going to try to use all the assets they have over the course of this year to add another big-time piece. That’s obviously something they would have liked to have done this year with Kevin Love, but that just never really got close. It never got beyond the talking stage with the Timberwolves and the Celtics just didn’t have anything that the Timberwolves really wanted. But that’s the kind of deal that they would like to make in the next few months, where you have a star who’s unhappy and a team looking to unload a big-time player in return for some long-term assets. That’s the kind of thing that the Celtics are looking for.

The Celtics hope to pair Rondo with another superstar if they are able to re-sign him. After not getting Kevin Love the Celtics may target current Grizzlies center Marc Gasol.

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