Chris Bosh has a Better Shot at Winning the Three-Point Contest Than You Think

When Miami Heat president Pat Riley told the media last week that his star forward Chris Bosh would take part in the NBA’s three-point competition, many questioned why Bosh, who has made just 302 threes in his 12-year career would be in the contest with guys who are gifted shooters.

Well, this season, Bosh has already had his best shooting season through 50 games, meaning we still have 32 games to go for him to build on his career year from long range.

After having his basketball career put on hold to deal with a blood clot in his lung right around the time of last years NBA All-Star Game, Chris Bosh has returned better than ever for the Heat, playing in every single game for Miami so far this year, averaging 19.1 points and 7.5 rebounds per game.

Those 19.1 points per game are the most by any Heat player. Bosh’s 78 three-pointers lead the Heat of course, and they already beat out his previous career high of 74 threes made during 2013-2014 season. Bosh finished with 63 triples in just 44 games last year, so it’s very likely he would have hit down more than 74 that year as well.

The point is Bosh is a much better shooter now than when he first came to the Heat in 2010. Bosh made a total of 50 threes in his six years with the Raptors with his highest attempt season from three was 49. Bosh will need six more attempts this year to break his season-high.

The only thing I see holding Bosh back in the contest is that his release will probably be the slowest out of all the players there, which could affect the number he makes. Bosh is a three-time champion at the NBA’s shooting stars competition that is not going to be ran this year, so it would be nice to see Bosh take home another contest win.

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