Chris Bosh Hopeful he can Play Christmas Day

The Miami Heat are fighting the injury bug like crazy so far this year, and they could be close to getting a star back on the court.  According to Chris Bosh himself, he is hopeful he can play on Christmas Day, when his former teammate LeBron James returns to Miami for the first time since leaving the Heat.

“It’s a possibility, I think,” he said of playing this week. “That’s me being a glass-half-full kind of guy. It’s a work in progress, man. I’m trying to keep my brain in it. You might think you’re ready to play, but they say you’re not.”

Bosh on Christmas Day:

“I’m hoping so, but I don’t know,” Bosh said. “I’ve been saying that and they’re like, ‘OK, take it easy. Just work today.’ Health is the priority. I’m keeping the bigger picture, even though it’s getting smaller, in mind.”

The worst case scenario would be Bosh being out for a month, which Bosh doesn’t think will happen but he’s smart enough not to push it.

“I don’t think in my position it’ll be that long, but it could be,” he said.

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