The College football playoffs are right around the corner so you know what that means. It’s time for predictions.

College Football playoff predictions:

Rose Bowl January 1st, 2015  5 pm Eastern ESPN

Florida State over Oregon.

This is a very intriguing matchup, the past 2 Heisman trophy winners facing off for the right to play in the national title game. One of the reasons why I am picking FSU to beat Oregon is because I trust Winston in big games because of his big game experience and proven clutch ability. Time and time again Winston makes the clutch play when it matters. But on the other side, Oregon has a history of struggling in late season big games. I also think Oregon will have a very hard time containing Winston. Oregon is 120th in passing defense this year, and there all American cornerback Ifo Ekpre-Olomu is out for the rest of the season. A lot of people aren’t giving FSU a chance because of their inability to consistently blow teams out but to be fair; a lot of those games were against solid teams. Yes, they’ve struggled against some not so good teams but you can’t say they were as hyped up and mentally ready as they will be against Oregon.

Sugar Bowl January 1st, 2015 8:30 Eastern ESPN 

Alabama over Ohio State

Alabama, in my opinion is the most talented team in the country. We all know they have a very solid defense. Their defense isn’t their only strength, not many people know that their QB (Blake Simms) is 2nd in the ENTIRE COUNTRY in total QBR. I could see Alabama winning big in this game. On the other side, Ohio State has been counted out all year by lots of people (including me) Few people thought they would even win the big 10 without Braxton Miller. But thanks to JT Barrett they surprised a lot of people, but when he got hurt they were down to their 3rd string QB. Because of that, a lot of people thought Wisconsin would beat them in the big 10 title game. But the opposite happened, Ohio State steamrolled Wisconsin. I wouldn’t be so quick to count out Ohio State, but at the end of the day I just don’t see them beating the Crimson Tide.

National Title Game: January 12th, 2015 8 Eastern ESPN
Florida State over Alabama
This would be a great matchup. In this article I know that I previously said that Alabama is the most talented team in the country. But like I said before, I trust Winston in big games. I think that he and Florida State will go on to win their 2nd consecutive national title.