Danny Ainge Asked Isaiah Thomas About Potential Free Agents

Boston Celtics general manager Danny Anige made one of the best moves of the NBA Trade Deadline Febuary by acquiring then Phoenix Suns point guard Isaiah Thomas. Thomas shinned brightly for the Celtics averaging 19 points, and 5.4 assists coming off the bench. Those numbers off the bench must’ve convinced Anige to ask Thomas about what free agents the Celtics should consider.

From the Boston Globe:

“Danny said if there’s any free agent out there I’m interested in, to let him know,” Thomas said by telephone in his interview with the Boston Globe. “That has me excited. For him to ask for my input means a lot, because it means I’m definitely, right now, a part of the future, and they also value your word and what you think about the game of basketball. It means a lot, and it’s a mutual respect we have. Now, hopefully, we can get a few guys.”

Thomas also went into detail about the type of player he would want on the Celtics for next season.

“A defensive-minded player,” he said. “It’d be nice to get one of those in the draft. A lot of the big men out there could definitely help us out. But I know Danny is always up to something.”

Thomas told Ainge he could be a valuable recruiter when free agency begins. Thomas said that when he played for the University of Washington, he helped persuade several high school prospects to join the Huskies.

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