DeAndre Jordan Officially re-signs With the Clippers

UPDATE: Jordan is expected to sign a four-year 88 million dollar deal with the Clippers instead.

DeAndre Jordan drama is officially over. The Clippers were going to wait in Jordan’s house until he signed the contract after he said he would sign verbally agree to re-sign with the team, and according to the official Los Angeles Clippers Twitter account, Jordan has officially signed the contract to return to the team.

Jordan had a prior agreement to the Dallas Mavericks on a four-year 80 million dollar deal, but he of course backed out. His contract with the Clippers will pay him 110 million over the next five years.

A ton of Clippers players and head coach Doc Rivers flew out to Houston to meet with DeAndre Jordan after Jordan called Rivers and told him that he was having second thoughts about signing with the Mavericks. That lead to the emjoi war on Twitter, and it also lead to the Mavericks and Cuban not being able to get anything out of Jordan. So yeah it was pretty crazy.

Jordan averaged 11.5 points, 15 rebounds, and 2.2 blocks per game in 82 regular season games. Jordan’s contract will be a four-year deal that features a player option for the fifth year of the deal that he also agreed to.

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