Dennis Schroder Unlikely to Receive Contract Extension This Month

The Atlanta Hawks are unlikely to give point guard Dennis Schroder a contract extension by the October 31st deadline, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein.

October 31st marks the deadline for signing a player from a respective draft class to a rookie scale contract extension. This year, the 2013 NBA Draft class is the one eligible for receiving an extension, as Giannis Antetokounmpo and C.J. McCollum.

Atlanta elected to trade veteran point guard Jeff Teague to Indiana this summer, opening the door for Schroder to be given the keys to the offense for the first time in his young NBA career. Stein also notes that the Hawks want to see how Schrdoer performs as a starter before committing to him long term:

The Hawks gave Schroder some of what he wanted by trading away Jeff Teague and clearing the way for the 23-year-old German to take over as Atlanta’s starter at the point. Yet there’s a sense that the Hawks, as high as they are on Schroder, prefer to see how he responds to his promotion before launching into ‎a new long-term arrangement.

Setting Schroder up to be the starter, remember, wasn’t Atlanta’s only motivation in dealing Teague to Indiana. The Hawks understandably didn’t want to employ two point guards entering the final year of their respective contracts.

While the Hawks would likely save more money for other players if they signed Schroder now, it’s likely best for Schroder to bet on himself and earn a larger payday this off-season.

Unless Schroder does absolutely terrible in all facets this season, the Hawks will likely offer him a qualifying offer this summer to make a restricted free agent, meaning that they will be able to match any offer he could possibly receive from the 29 other NBA teams.

Schroder averaged 11 points, 4.4 assists, and 2.6 rebounds per game in 80 regular season games for the Hawks in 2015-2016 season, proving he can be durable on the court. He’s averaging 10.6 points and 5.3 assists in the preseason through four games.

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