Deron Williams Workout Video Helps Break Off-season “Silence”

Brooklyn Nets point guard and former all-star Deron Williams has battled ankle problems the past two seasons and recently got surgery on both ankles in May. There has been a video leaked of him working out. You can make what you want of this NBA, and Brooklyn Nets fans:

Now for D-Will its a matter of staying healthy and getting his confidence back. How though? New Brooklyn Nets Head Coach Lionel Hollins spoke on the former all-star point guard:

“There’s a lot of different things you can do [as a coach],” Lionel Hollins said Friday. “I can’t say right here that I’m going to walk in there and tell Deron Williams this or that, because I don’t even know where he is from that perspective [a confidence perspective] at this moment.

“But I think first of all he has to be healthy and he has to be in great shape and we’re going to try to put him in a situation where he can flourish, which will give him confidence and go from there. I mean confidence comes and goes with all players no matter how good they are. I don’t think there’s ever been a player that’s played and didn’t have a confidence issue at some point maybe in a game, maybe in a season.”

Lionel Hollins has said smillar things about Deron before as well. Putting Williams in a role were he can preform is how to get the best results out of Williams but it all comes down to the health of him of course: “If you’re injured, you can’t be who you are,” Hollins said. “You can’t make the same moves or be as explosive as you are, and it’s difficult to go out there and go 100 percent. You’re always worried about what’s going to happen if you push off, stop, change direction, all of those things.”

Lionel Hollins also went on to say as far as he knows the health of Deron Williams is good right now. Williams looked good dribbling the ball in his workout video and we shall see what else he has.

Credit to for the photo of Deron.

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