Derrick Rose: “I know I am going to win a Championship Soon”

You would think having 2 major knee injuries ending your season both times would affect your confidence and hope. This is not the case for Bulls point guard Derrick Rose as he believes he will win a championship soon in his NBA career. While Rose gave us no timetable for his championship to come, he did give us a lot of details on why he thinks this way:

“It may not be this year, it may not be next year, or whatever, but I know that we have one in us,’’ said Rose when asked whether the window for a title is closing. “I know I’m going to win a championship soon, so I’m not worried about that.’’

“With the threats that we have, I’m going to try and make the game as simple as possible,’’ Rose said.

“It’s no disrespect to my old teammates, but I think the team we have right now talent-wise is a much stronger team than we had last year,’’ Rose said. “For the Bulls fans, I can sit here and say a million times, ‘I’ll be fine,’ ’’ Rose said. “But I think the only way to answer all the critics and everyone asking about me is to actually be on the court and to actually be playing.’’

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