Devin Harris Thinks J.J Watt Could’ve Helped Wisconsin Men’s Basketball

Current Dallas Mavericks point guard Devin Harris was the 5th overall pick coming out of the university of Wisconsin-Madison. Harris is one of three Wisconsin players left in the NBA right now, and he would he like to see the Badgers bring home the National Title this year. He’d would’ve also liked to seen Houston Texas defensive end J.J. Watt help the Badgers’ basketball team when Watt was at Wisconsin.

“You see a lot of those guys, like Julius Peppers was a basketball player in college. Antonio Gates was one as well,” Harris said in a recent interview with Sporting News. “Those guys can definitely impact the game just with their athleticism and how powerful he is and how graceful he is in some of the things that he does,

“I think he would’ve been a great basketball player in college and could’ve helped us out a lot.”

Harris won’t be able to watch Wisconsin’s final four game versus the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats, as he will be playing in a basketball game for the Dallas Mavericks, but he provided some insight about how he will know what’s going on in the game.

”I’ll get scores as the game goes on from different people just to see how they’re doing,” Harris said. “I’m not the guy to kind of like ‘don’t tell me, don’t tell me,’ I want to know how we’re doing.

”I’m excited for the game and the program right now. It’s going to be a tough game for us, but I’ve got a lot of pride in those guys and they’re going to come out with a lot of fight.”

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