Diamond Stone, who is a five star recruit and the 7th best recruit in the nation according to ESPN, is a 6’10 center from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Stone has been recruited by Oklahoma State, Maryland, Connecticut,  and his home state Wisconsin Badgers. Stone has received an offer from all four of those teams listed above, but is still undecided on where he will go. Stone appears to be leaning to Wisconsin, and it would be the perfect fit for both the Badgers and himself. Here’s why.

For the Badgers:

Wisconsin Rebounds Greatly 


Wisconsin center Frank Kaminsky is in his final year at Wisconsin, which means that he won’t be able to play for the university again no matter how much he wants to. If Sam Dekker and Nigel Hayes also want to leave for the NBA, Stone would be one of the best recruits that Wisconsin has ever landed. He’d immediately make the Badgers center position still a big force.

Stone Would be Big For Wisconsin 


Landing Stone would keep up the Badgers success that they’ve had the last two years that have arguably been the greatest time period in the history of the program. From making the Elite Eight two times and getting another chance to make the Final Four, it would be another chance to continue their great success for a much longer period with Stone being in the equation.

For Stone:

Instant Star


Stone would become the Badgers star with just committing to the program. Stone even compared himself to current Wisconsin star Frank Kaminsky, say they are both similar players. Which could also be a good indication that Stone is leaning towards Wisconsin as well.

“Me and Frank Are Similar”

It would be like Wisconsin never lost a beat if Stone comes in, and that’s what I am sure that’s what he wants to feel, as you never want to feel like you’re just put in a situation to replace someone.

The Chance to Play With Other Great Players

USA Today Sports
USA Today Sports

Stone coming to Wisconsin could also give him the chance to play with Sam Dekker, Bronson Koenig, Nigel Hayes, and other various Wisconsin players who are also in the Elite Eight. Stone could make this team great and it would be the first of many chances he could have at multiple awards and national titles if he chooses to do so, making it almost an offer you can’t refuse.

He’s From Wisconsin 

Calvin Mattheis
Calvin Mattheis

If Stone doesn’t want to leave his family and likes Wisconsin, he could make the right choice by staying in state by going to Wisconsin. If that’s important to him at least, I mean not everyone wants to stay in one area for all their life, and sometimes a change of scenery is for the better, so we will see what Stone thinks is the most important thing when it comes down to location.

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