Dirk Nowitzki has a Sky Hook Shot in Progress

One of the main reasons Kareem Abdul-Jabber was the player he was is because of his famous sky hook shot. Now, one of the best foreign players ever to come over from another country in Dirk Nowitzki is working on his sky hook shot. If Dirk could develop this shot, it could make the Mavericks more of a deadly threat and make him virtually un guard-able. Nowtizki on the sky hook:

“The sky hook is still a work in progress,” Nowitzki said. “I might keep that for year 18. We’re still working on it…”

“The sky hook is a tough shot, especially if you have no move, if you don’t come out of the rhythm and just turn around and shoot it,” said Nowitzki. Dirk is only 11,000 plus points away from Kareem, but anything is possible right ? “That’s why no one else is shooting it like Kareem. I don’t know how he did it. That shot is unbelievable.

“Out of the move, it’s OK. Once I’ve got a running start, I can actually shoot it OK. The problem is I’m 36. I don’t get a lot of running starts anymore, so I’m screwed.”

Credit to the original owner for the photo.

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