Dwyane Wade Open to Contract Averaging 20 Million Annually Over 3 Years

The Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade are at a stand still right now. A report yesterday came out saying that the Heat initially offered Wade less than 10 million dollars per year when the report of Wade and the Heat being ‘far apart’ in contract negotiations came out. Wade however, would welcome a special deal from the Heat.

Per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald:

A Wade associate has told people that Wade would welcome a contract averaging $20 million annually over the next three years. If that’s true, it would be understandable, considering the year 13-15 pay ranges for Duncan and Nowitzki. Wade’s agent, Henry Thomas, politely declined to confirm that or anything regarding Wade’s specific financial expectations.

We’ve heard the Heat would prefer Wade opt in for $16 million next season, then take a very significant pay cut over the following two years.

But it’s important to note that those numbers were not confirmed by the Heat, which obviously isn’t saying what it will offer when formal offers can be made July 1. And I would be surprised if the Heat didn’t make a solid offer at that time; whether it’s to Wade’s liking is another story entirely that must play out.

It will be a tough decision for the Heat to make. While Wade was 3rd in the East in scoring behind Kyrie Irving and LeBron James, his health has declined pretty badly.

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