Dwyane Wade Proving He’s Far From Done

Over the past few years Dwyane Wade has received a ton of criticism about sitting out games and “not being the same player” and “washed up and done”. Well, this season Dwyane Wade has buried those who have doubted him and it shows in his numbers. Dwyane Wade is still the number 2 option for the Heat as Chris Bosh and him are one of the best duos in the NBA.

Wade is shooting over 50 percent this year averaging 22.5  points per game with 5.3 assists (leading the Heat) and 3.7 rebounds. Last night he turned back the clock for Miami Heat fans scoring 42 points in the Heat’s 107-85 lost to the Utah Jazz at the American Airlines Arena.

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers - Game 2

While its clear Wade may not have his “flash” speed he once did and he’s taking less and less 3’s every year, Dwyane is still a top 5 shooting guard in the NBA. Last night is the first time in awhile you probably didn’t hear the announcers on TV talk about all the wear and tear Wade has suffered on his knees throughout his 11 year NBA career and even his college career. Wade suffered a torn meniscus in 2002 while he was at Marquette and it has given him chronic knee problems in his career with the Miami Heat and required another surgery in the 2012 season, limiting Wade to just 49 games that year. Its been a chronic problem in his knees because he got his meniscus removed and Wade says regrets it to this day

“My knee problems and the things I’ve dealt with started from that,” Wade said. “That was  years ago and technology was different and the way you approach things was different.


“At that moment, if everyone looked ahead and said, ‘Dwyane’s going to have a 20-year career, maybe we should do something different,’ maybe I wouldn’t have knee issues. At that time it was to get me back on the basketball court and do what is best.”

Last year, two notable guards tore there meniscus (Derrick Rose, and Russell Westbrook), and they both decided not to get their meniscus removed. Wade put in all training this NBA off-season after LeBron James left Miami, which is a popular opinion that he was motivated to get back in shape and help out teammate Chris Bosh this season. Bosh, who was inactive in Wade’s 42-point game due to a calf injury helped Wade prove he can still be a huge number one option.

While knee injuries will defiantly shorten Wade’s career by a year or 2, Dwyane Wade will still be a big force in the NBA as he will remain an all-star candidate throughout the rest of his career.

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