Eddie Lacy on Pace to Become Packers All-Time Leading Rusher in Less Time Than Ahman Green

Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy has been everything Ted Thompson and the entire Green Bay Packers organization thought he was going to be. He’s a power back, and back-to-back one-thousand yard seasons have given the Packers a running game they haven’t seen since Ahman Green. Green, who is the Packers all-time leading rusher, could have his rushing record broken by Lacy in less time at the pace Lacy is at.

Green rushed for 8,322 yards with the Green Bay Packers through 2000 all the way to 2009. On November 8th, 2009, Green passed Jim Taylor as the all-time leading rusher rushing for 45 yards severing as a back-up to Ryan Grant who is 5th on the Packers all-time list with 4,143 yards. It’s only a matter of time that Eddie Lacy is passing Green, and it could put him in first all-time with a sizable margin.

In his first two NFL seasons, Lacy has ran for 1,000 yards each year and has totaled 2,317 rushing yards in those two years. That’s already 13th all-time on the Packers all-time rushing list. Lacy ran for 1,178 yards on 284 attempts in his rookie year, while running for 1,139 yards on 246 attempts. If we split the difference basically, and give Eddie Lacy 1,150 yards this season, that will give him 3,467 career rushing yards, putting him in the top ten right at number 10.

Let’s add the 1,150 yards again. That would give him 4,617 yards by the time he completes his forth season. Putting him 4th all-time trailing just John Brockington, Jim Taylor, and of course Green. The balance average of 1,150 yards in 2017 will give him 5,767 yards giving him third all time. Below are the rest of yard totals Lacy will have each year at the pace of 1,150 yards.

2018:  6,917

2019: 8,067

2020: 9,217 (would become Packers all-time leading rusher)

If Lacy stays at the 1,150 yard pace, he will reach over 9,000 yards in 8 seasons blowing past Green and Taylor. Now, Lacy has had some ankle and concussion problems that could hamper his chances at getting there, and with Aaron Rodgers still in Green Bay for most of those years we mentioned, it’s likely that Green Bay will still be a mostly dominate pass offense, putting down Lacy’s yards and carries.

It also should be noted that getting 1,000 yards each and every year is also not easy to do. Most running backs that are stars in today’s NFL get 1,000 yards each year, but when Adrian Peterson tore his ACL in 2011, he fell 30 yards short of a 1,000 yard season. He had never missed 1,000 yards in 10 or more games in a season. With Lacy’s noted concussion and ankle injuries, one of them could be severe enough to sideline him for more than 4 games. Lacy has only missed one game due to injury, and it was because of the NFL’s concussion rules. He’s played with bum ankles many times.

None the less, it’s still great to see that the Packers have a great running back once again. A power back that can rip off many runs. It would be nice to see him run for 2,000 yards once.

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