Erik Spoelstra Gives Special Message to Craig Sager During Game Interview

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra is more than likely the number the number one person out of Sager’s family that cares the most about Craig Sager. Sager, who made his return to the NBA hardwood earlier in March, was re-diagnosed with Leukemia over the weekend. Sager said that Spoelstra sent him care packages from Hooters, and Sager really appreciated it.

“This is the Miami Heat organization, they’re very supportive of me and I talked to all your guys down there,” Craig Sager said. “Coach Spoelstra was sending me care packages from Hooters, so I know that Chris is in good hands. He has a great support system down there, and he will make it through.”

Spoelstra gave Sager a shout out during the Spurs-Heat game Tuesday night, letting Sager know him and Heat Nation are still behind him as he looks to fight off Leukemia for the second time in 11 months.

Classy move by Erik Spoelstra.

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