Final NFL Predictions Featuring Super Bowl Winner, Award Winners, and More

The 2015 NFL season is getting closer every second. I can just feel it in my bones, that a new football season, that can get away from Deflategate, and all the other Patriots/Goodell drama. It’s to get back to football. Here are my full 2015 NFL predictions.

Award winners:

MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers will have another great season, netting him his third NFL MVP award, even without his favorite target Jordy Nelson.

DPOTY: J.J. Watt

J.J Watt is going to tear up the NFL yet again this season, so it’s only right that he gets his 3rd defensive player of the year award, right?

COTY: Gary Kubiak

I am going bold on this one I believe. Kubiak will have immediate success in Denver with the Broncos by getting another shot at a head coaching job, and it could net him his first coach of the year award.

OROTY: Amari Cooper

As much as I feel and want to see Melvin Gordon succeed his rookie year and his whole career, I can’t pick against Amari Cooper, who I feel as potential to be the game’s best wide receiver one day.

DROTY: Leonard Williams

Since Sheldon Richardson likes going 143 miles per hour, Leonard Williams will get the chance to have a big year, which should be enough to win him defensive rookie of the year.

CPOTY: Adrian Peterson

I believe AP will return to the Adrian Peterson will all know this year after playing just one game in the 2014 season.

Standings projections:

AFC East:

Patriots: 11-5

Dolphins: 10-6 (Wild Card)

Bills: 8-8

Jets: 7-9

This is one of the best divisions in football this year. The Patriots might have lost Revis to the Jets and Browner to the Saints, but Malcom Butler, the Super Bowl hero for the Patriots, is primed to have a great year. Tom Brady is still there, Rob Gronkowski is still there, and Bill Belichick is still there. This is still the Patriots division to win or lose, but the Dolphins are closing in on them.

Unfortunately for the Bills and Jets, they don’t have the clearest quarterback situations, and they still both have a ton of question marks on defense. On paper, the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets should all finished rank as a top ten defense. The Dolphins just have more firepower than the Bills and Jets on the offensive side of things, leading to the 2 and 3 game win-loss differences between the Bills and Jets.

AFC North:

1: Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6

2: Ravens 9-7

3: Bengals 9-7 (Bengals lose head-to-head match-up versus Ravens)

4: Browns: 5-11

The Steelers lost a lot on defense, but I can’t pick against them winning the AFC North by a game due to their dynamic offense, featuring Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, Heath Miller, and Martavis Bryant. I don’t trust the Bengals, but the flashes of consistency that they show will keep them in the hunt to win a wild card. The Ravens will be there too, and the Browns are well, you know, the Browns.

AFC South:

Colts: 13-3

Texans: 6-10

Jaguars: 4-12

Titans: 2-14

If the Colts don’t win this division by over 5 games, I would be shocked. They improved in the off-season greatly with Frank Gore and Andre Johnson, which I believe makes them the best team in the AFC. Yep. I said it. Andrew Luck will be battling with Aaron Rodgers for NFL MVP (sorry J.J. Watt) and T.Y. Hilton is primed to have a big year for them. Things haven’t exactly gotten better in Houston, they are kind of getting better in Jacksonville, and the Titans need Mariota to have a good year for some hope in the future.

AFC West:

Broncos: 13-3

Chiefs: 11-5

Chargers: 9-7

Raiders: 4-12

The Broncos and Chiefs will once again be to much for Phillip Rivers to overcome in the AFC West, while the Raiders are slowly improving year-by-year. That’s all I pretty much have to say on this division, as I think it goes pretty straight forward with the teams records basically right. No team improved drastically, so expect it to be like last year again.

AFC Playoffs:

1: Colts

2: Broncos

3: Patriots

4: Steelers

5: Chiefs

6: Dolphins

Wild Card:

Patriots over Dolphins

Chiefs over Steelers


Colts over Chiefs

Broncos over Patriots (Yes, Peyton Manning beats Tom Brady)


Colts over Broncos

So the Colts will punch their ticket to Super Bowl 50 to take on – well, you should keep reading.

NFC standings projections:

NFC East:

1: Cowboys: 11-5

2: Eagles 10-6 (Wild Card)

3: Giants: 6-10

4: Redskins: 1-15

Yeah, I am not to found of the Redskins right now. What I am putting a lot of stock into is Chip Kelly’s new Eagles team, and the Dallas Cowboys. Orlando Scandrick is a big loss to the Cowboys secondary, but it’s not enough to derail them from winning the East and making the playoffs, and the Eagles are showing a ton of promise. As for the Giants, I don’t see much from them besides Odell Beckham Jr. highlights in all reality.

NFC North:

1: Packers 12-4

2: Vikings 9-7

3: Lions: 8-8

4: Bears 4-12

This is still the Packers division to win even without Jordy Nelson, and the NFC is also the Packers still to win. The Vikings will finally get to see Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson together, while the Lions will take a step back due to the loss of Suh, and the Bears, well, things didn’t get better for them at all. There you have it, the NFC North is pretty straight forward.

NFC South:

1: Panthers 10-6

2: Saints: 9-7

3: Falcons: 7-9

4: Buccaneers 5-11

I expect Cam Newton to have a big year even without Kelvin Benjamin. The Panthers have the offensive talent and the defensive edge that puts them over the Saints, who have a good secondary, but have question marks on their defense elsewhere. The Falcons will be mediocre this year, and the Buccaneers will improve with Jameis Winston for sure.

NFC South:

1: Seahawks 12-4 (Green Bay beats Seattle week two to get first seed)

2: Cardinals: 10-6 (Wild Card)

3: Rams: 7-9

4: 49ers: 4-12

The Seahawks are still dominant, and they have one of the best tight ends in the game in Jimmy Graham now. Russell Wilson will have another good year, and the Legion of Boom will continue to dominant defensive rankings. The Cardinals will be a playoff team, the Rams will improve, and the 49ers, well, they’ve taken a lot of step back, as I am sure you know.


1: Packers

2: Seahawks

3: Cowboys

4: Panthers

5: Eagles

6: Cardinals

Wild Card:

Cowboys over Cardinals

Panthers over Eagles


Packers over Panthers

Seahawks over Cowboys

NFC Championship:

Packers over Seahawks

So that leaves my Super Bowl prediction at the Colts versus the Packers. Here is my full score prediction, and Super Bowl MVP:

Packers: 31 Colts: 20

Super Bowl MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Yes, I understand that they lost Jordy Nelson, and the defense might have taken a step back, but here’s my thought process. The 2010 Packers had 16 players on injured reserve, and they ended up winning the Super Bowl over the Steelers. I truly also believe the James Jones signing improved the Packers chances.

I’m projecting Davantae Adams to get 900 yards this year, and James Jones about 600. That matches Jordy Nelson’s 1,500 yard receiving season last year. Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers still have a lot to prove, especially after there blunder in Seattle last year.

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