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Five Poential Landing Spots for Kevin Durant if he Leaves the Thunder in 2016

Kevin Durant is the top prize in 2016 free agency next Summer, and a number of teams are expected to be after the one-time MVP Durant. While there are going to be more than 10 teams after Durant possibly, we’re going to try to narrow the list down to five teams with the most likely chance to land Durant come 2016. Here we go.

#5 Brooklyn Nets

USA Today Sports
USA Today Sports

Joe Johnson’s contract is off the books after the 2015-2016 season, and the Nets have been rumored to use the cap space that will come with the contract being gone to chase Durant.

Per the New York Daily News:

The impending Durant free agency bonanza should start picking up steam next season and will undoubtedly engulf the NBA in the summer of 2016. And make no mistake: the Nets are targeting Durant, the 25-year-old offensive juggernaut, even if it’s too early to predict their odds.

Durant would change the Nets franchise fortunes instantly becoming the teams new piece to build around. Is it the most unlikely of the next four teams I am going to list? I think so.


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