Free Agent to be Scott Tolzien Hoping for a Starting Quarterback Job

When you backup Aaron Rodgers, you don’t get to play a whole lot. Matt Flynn learned that, and now Scott Tolzien and Brett Hundley have learned that as well.

Tolzien, however has an interesting case. When Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone during the 2013 season, Tolzien was brought from the Packers’ practice squad to the active roster.

Tolzien then went on to start 2 games for the Packers, and to say the obvious here, they weren’t good. Tolzien completed over 60% of his passing attempts, but threw just one touchdown and was intercepted five times in three games including the games he started.

In 2015, Tolzien looked much improved in the pre-season, however, throwing for a total of 250 yards to go along with two touchdowns to one interception. His throwing motion looked better, he looked more comfortable, and now he is hoping to get a starting quarterback job with his time in Green Bay likely over:

“I feel like I’ve improved every year and played for two great organizations,” Tolzien said. “I know there’s been a lot of backups in Green Bay that have gone on and been given the chance to start in other places. We’ll see what happens, but that would be great if it happened.”

To me, it’s unlikely Tolzien lands a starting job elsewhere, but him going into a shaky quarterback situation would be best with Brett Hundley set to become Aaron Rodgers’ primary backup.

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